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Thermic Tennis



Our exclusive design, the confection and the use of different materials (resistant to UV, high tenacity, membranes and  fabric without absorption), make that our covers are ideal to keep the tennis court in perfect conditions all the year.

With these covers we lengthen the life cycle of the tennis court, and avoid throwing salt during the rainy season at low temperatures.

The use of Thermic Tennis generates a saving on the handling of the courts (practically null after removing the covers), there's no need to throw away the salt: (which is a daily consumable when the covers are not used), and due to the increased life cycle there's no need to change the damaged pieces or the clay  court very often.

We adjust the covers confection to any measure.

Very easy to assemble, with only two people you can place the covers within ten minutes.

Distributed in six sections, the weight of each section is about 40 kg.

One edge of each section has sliding eyelets ribbons to hold the covers to posts or fences, so these can be ready for assembly. These sections can be joined together with large Velcro strips, forming a partition so the water cannot enter into the court.

Thanks to its special confection, through hems at the seams of the cover, the water can be canalized so it can be guided and does not form large puddles in the areas of most game.

Its design can easily extract the standing water between the fabric layer and the waterproof membrane.

Some side holes help to remove the water mechanically with the help of a manual water bailer or a water aspirator.

In the longitudinal external parties we put a PVC selvedge so it can make weight and we can keep the cover extended on windy days.

In case of need, we can also provide textile weights filled with sand.

The folding is done with two people, taking the Velcro off and pulling each section to the beginning.

The PVC selvages are on the top, forming a waterproof bag so, this protects the cover from the rain and the sun when it is not used.


  • Longs rains season.
  • Frost season.
  • Old courts with poor drainage
  • Tracks with little background wall.
  • Previus to championships, courses, presentations (meteorogical uncertainty)

    Patented pattern

    The covers propely kept can be used for several years

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