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Who are we

Who are we

INCABO S.A. was founded in 1959, and since the beginning the main activity has been the production of technical fabrics for different industrial end uses.

Starting from here great commitment and hard work let them to become one of European's top textile producers in Military and Safety sectors, followed by a turning point: investment in research, innovation and creative ideas.

Actually INCABO S.A. uses to produce their fabrics practically all the fibres available on the market: PA,PES, Modacryl, Para-aramide, Meta-aramide, Cotton, Viscose FR, PPE; supported by a veritable wealth in human terms which can boast the highest level of specialisation in the development and control of the various production processes.

INCABO S.A. faces the economic situation with the impetus of their unique know-how by now confirmed and appreciated world-wide, so much so that their fabric are used by many leading garment manufacturers in the official, industrial and sportswear sectors.

As part of the constant renewal applied to this great tradition and historical culture through the years, new currents are introduced, looking at both short-term and long-term plans, including the development of additional client and consumer services.

Added to this, a great willingness to comply with client's technical requests, with manufacturers, end users or laundry services,  and also with the growth of the company's internal development regarding both fabric design and innovation linked to the care of the same fabrics under daily end use.