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What we do

What we do

Technical fabrics: we produce technical fabrics, and our weaving machines are perfectly adapted to our customer's requirements.
We can produce fabrics in different weights, starting from 70 g/m2 until arriving at 500 g/m2 aprox., in width until  3,90 metre and in rolls 1 metre diametre.

To manufacture our articles we practically use all the fibres existing on the market like:Polyamide and Polyester High Tenacity, Corduraâ, Meta-aramide, Para-aramide, Modacryl, Viscose FR, Cotton, antistatic fibre, Pplypropilene ...

Technical applications: Since 2006, seeing  the big demand our Company has opened a new production line, completely focused on a very specialized sector: The Technical Applications.

Actually in our mill we can produce special covers and tarps: compost covers, straw covers, protective covers, emergency tents, nautical articles, for the manufacture of this kind of items We use only high-performance materials.

Considering the applications of our technical fabrics, for INCABO S.A. quality has always been the first priority.

Our internal laboratory is fully equipped to test each parameter and 10 years ago we achieved the certification ISO 9001:2015.
POLCAI9001- 2015